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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

This is probably going to be just a big photo dump, so there's your warning.  We finally, finally got a weekend of nice weather around here.  Saturday morning we went to the North Center neighborhood which is just a few blocks southwest of us where they were having their annual "Eggstravaganza".  You go from store to store with your Easter basket and they'll either hand out eggs or send you on an egg hunt through the store.  It was really cute and Miles had a lot of fun with it... unless someone dared to give him an egg with a sticker in it.  Have I mentioned how much this kid hates stickers?  Example:  one time we were leaving the doctor's office and he says to me, "I don't want them to give me any stickers for being good".  As he says this we pass a nurses station where they only heard part of what he said and so they reply, "Oooooh!  Someone wants a sticker??" and he screams "Nononono!" and runs the other way.  Once I asked him why he hates stickers so much and he replied, "Stickers are so boring".  Fair enough, but I think it's actually because he doesn't like things being stuck to him.  He about lost his mind when Michael put a fake tattoo on him once.  

Ok, you get it- he hates stickers.  So if he'd open an egg with a sticker inside he would go back into the store in search of peanut butter cups or at least a crappy jellybean.  Other than that, he had a very fun day.

Refueling with Kevin.

"Bring me lots of treats tomorrow and no stickers!"

That night we decorated Easter eggs.  Note for next year:  do this outside.  We started out with the dye in cups but I had a panic attack every time his elbows were anywhere near them.  The muffin tins worked great but the whole setup would have been less stressful outdoors.  

Stressful setup #1

Slightly less stressful setup #2

The next morning he woke up and read a note from the Easter Bunny (mostly encouraging him to cool it with all the tantrums that have made their way into our lives lately) and followed the bunny footprints to find his Easter basket.  It's a little picked through at this point but it's the best picture I got.

Then it was outside to hunt for eggs.

We went to our neighbors house for Easter lunch and afterwards, the kids took advantage of the warmer weather.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!