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Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: New Orleans Edition


Awhile back we took a little vaca to New Orleans and Miami.  I'm declaring too much time has passed to do a full recap so here is where it lands.  NOLA was great, though unseasonably cold.  Seriously, like the most cold Mardi Gras (yes, I went to Mardi Gras seven months pregnant) since 1800 something or other.  You've gotta just keep repeating: Miami in four days, Miami in four days...

We kept ourselves warm with a near- constant intake of chicory coffee and beignets.  When not ingesting the sweet stuff, we kept our bellies full with some of the best food I've ever had.  Commander's PalaceAcme Oyster HouseSoBouPort of Call, and my personal favorite- August.
Oh that's just how I eat all my fancy meals now- out of an eggshell.

Nights were spent walking the streets, hopping in and out of clubs, and loving all of the live music.  It seems so cliche that live music and dancing pours out of jazz clubs and into the street but it happened every single night and is just so immensely joyful.  

Turns out Nicolas Cage is an even bigger douchebag than we all thought.
You see that huge freaking pyramid there?  Of course you do.  Everyone can.  Cage buys a burial plot (two, actually, in order to build this monstrosity) in this beautiful historic cemetery and just has it sitting there waiting for him to kick it.  Everyone hates it.  Mind you, this dummy isn't even from New Orleans.
This is what happens when you travel with a lady in her third trimester.  You end up on touristy carriage rides because she is in constant need of a walking break.

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