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Friday, April 11, 2014

Five On Friday: Lemon Juice Is Not Lemonade


Gonna try and make this Five on Friday linkup a regular thing.  We'll see how it goes.

1. Lemon juice is not the same thing as lemonade, not matter how deceivingly packaged it is (and positioned right next to the identically packaged orange juice).  Tip: don't chug lemon juice.

2. It's finally getting into warmer temps around here.  The other day it was a sweat-inducing 48 degrees.  The kiddo doesn't care.  It's been so long since he's played out side that he gets slap happy when we do.  Seriously, it's like a chicken running around with his head cut off when we make it over to the park.

3. Ignored second child alert!  Here's a photo from my recent ultra sound.  Kind of fun to be able to see an actual baby in there when you have late-term ultra sounds.  You can't see here but this one has a full head of hair just like big brother did.

4. Me at 33 weeks.  Yes, I said I was 30 weeks only two weeks ago but just file that under "ignored second child".  And yes, I am huge.  But I thought there was an unspoken agreement between pregnant people and total strangers that you either don't say anything at all (aren't you people scared you'll be wrong about someone being pregnant one day???) or just say "you look great".  Because those are not the strangers I'm running into these days.  Basically I'm either being told that I'm about to pop or I'm being offered a ride to the hospital.  Anyway, there's a reason this picture is being taken so far away.

5. I had a birthday.  It involved red velvet cupcakes, beautiful flowers, Enough Said (highly recommend this movie), and dinner at Fountainhead with my two favorite guys.  It was wonderful.

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