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Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday: Miami Edition


Picking up where we left off last Friday, we left NOLA for Miami.  After several days of non-stop sightseeing and lots and lots of third trimester walking around, when we arrived in Miami we decided it was time to relax and promptly cancelled every single dinner reservation and organized activity we had planned.  This was made to be an even easier decision when we saw our hotel room.  First, understand that we are not this fancy.  Ever.  We booked it entirely off credit card points.  If you ever win the lottery, go straight to One Bal Harbour.  I'm now completely spoiled because I am no longer interested in staying in hotels that don't have tvs inside of the bathroom mirrors or curtains that don't close by remote control.  But let me back up a bit.  We roll up in our janky rental car that literally smelled like fire every time we turned it on.  We obviously fit right in.

I'm 100% sure they hid our car behind the hotel.

My absolute favorite part about the room were the two sliding glass doors in our living room.  We kept those babies open all day and I started trying to work out how we can duplicate this situation in our own house.  The view from the balcony wasn't terrible either.

(in case you weren't sure where to look)

The majority of this leg of the trip was spent either at their private beach or at the pool.  Anytime we left to eat somewhere else we'd declare the hotel food better and finally we just realized we needed to stop leaving the hotel.  I pretty much didn't want to leave it ever again.  From then on, most meals were eaten here:
Or a similar variation of this.

So sad to be leaving the warm weather and our new home away from home, we dragged our heels to the airport.  We checked our luggage as people tend to do only to find out minutes later that our flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Chicago.  First reaction:  Yay!  We get to stay in the sun one more day!  Second reaction:  Huh.... we have no clothes other than the snowsuits we'd changed into.  Third reaction: Do you think our fancy hotel wants to take us back for free for one more night?  Answer:  No, no they do not.  It was time to buy $8 toothbrushes at the airport and head over to the airport HoJo.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Clothes?  Michael bought some weird basketball shorts at a store with no electricity and I bought a fat girl skirt.  What?  Store with no electricity has no maternity section???  Who woulda thought?  Look, I don't want to complain about an additional day in the sun, but our view did change ever so slightly:

Also, there were some pretty strict rules at this joint:
If I asked you what the perfect end to a perfect vacation would be would you say, "Get third place at team trivia in a local bar by the airport"?  Weird, because that's exactly what we thought as well.  Mission accomplished.


  1. Okay I seriously can't even get over that view in Miami right now. I haven't seen an ocean in years, and it makes me feel like I desperately need a vacation. Like, yesterday. Haha.

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

    1. i just got back and i'm already trying to figure out how to convince my doc that i can take one more beach vacation while i'm 8 months preg. :)

  2. Gorgeous colors in the photos! Wishing you an easy last few weeks and a healthy delivery :)

  3. Love finding another Chicago blogger! Your trip looks amazing and the next time I'm going to Miami, I'm saving my money so I can stay in that exact same hotel!

  4. Me too! Just set my feedly to follow you as well.