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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Name Rejects: Girl Edition

On to the girl names that almost but didn't quite make the cut.  Please read my disclaimer from Monday before you start sending me hate mail about me including your kid's name on this list.  Thanks.

1. Harper
To be more specific, Harper Leigh.  We thought we were being so clever with this one.  There's the "To Kill a Mockingbird" connection (one of both of our favorite books).  Then we spelled Leigh different than the author because that's how you spell my middle name.  It's almost perfect.  But it's gone for the same reason names that I loved like Sawyer and Dexter didn't make the final cut.  Didn't like the two-syllable name ending in "-er" paired with our last name.  Also, I feel like one celebrity per week names their kid Harper.  Still, we love it so much it's still physically on the list.  Kind of like a little honorary position there at the bottom of the paper.

...Although I will say that we have a couple other names from "To Kill A Mockingbird" for both a girl and a boy on our list.  Dill is not one of them.

2. Maizie
This name I still love but it's got too much going against it.  For one, I don't want my kids to be the "M&Ms".  Two, when we got really close to naming Miles "Beau/Bo" (see ridiculous reason this didn't make this cut here), I started to realize the hubs was all about this name due to the potential of having our kids be named Maizie and Bo.  As in, we'd look like Michigan superfans (you'd be half right).  Not getting it yet?  Bo Schembechler, Maize and blue... Right about now you are realizing that we are completely nuts and way over-think this stuff.  You are right.  But the final nail in the coffin was for the 2% of the population out there that would make the "Miles and Maizie" connection from Uncle Buck.

So turns out, that's actually it.  I thought there were more girl names that we crossed off but I guess not.  Not only that, but the hubs read both of these baby naming posts and informed me that he wants to bring a few of them back out of retirement, rendering a good portion of both posts pointless.  But hey, it gave you a little break from work, right?  

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  1. I know a billion people whose babies are named (or future babies will be named) Harper. It's one of those trend names that I love but would never give my kid b/c she would end up being Harper #3 in her class. And her initials would have been HH. Blech.