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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Back... Kinda Sorta. We'll See.

The kiddo started preschool yesterday which leaves me with a whopping two and a half hours to myself.  Well, me and the little one.  I'm hoping to set aside some of this time here and there to get things up to date around here... we'll see how that goes.  But for now, a little tidbit.  As I said, yesterday was the kiddo's first day of school.  He did great.  No tears.  From any of us.  

After school I asked him 100 questions about his first day.  His common response was "I remember but I don't know".  All I could get out of him was that someone took a toy from him and there was a girl that cried.  

So today we were walking him to school... ok wait.  Let me back up a bit.  Remember the time I basically threw him out of the stroller?  That was last fall.  Ten months ago.  Ok, so we were walking to school and the hubs asks him if he remembers when he flew out of the stroller.  Kiddo replies, "Yes I remember.  I was wearing my shirt with the blue and orange striped tie."  WHAT??  He remembers every detail from my worst moment in parenting a year ago but can't remember what happened in school ten minutes ago.  Fantastic.

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