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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Prep

Halloween is no joke around here.  I've discussed this before.  At length.  And apparently Chicago is the place to be for Halloween because I feel like it's turning into Christmas with the overblown-ness of it all.  Houses are decked out, the celebrations start the first week of October, and Target's Halloween section is bigger than ever (yes, that is how I judge my holidays- how big the Target section is).  No complaints here, though.  

Alright, so awhile back M decided he wanted to be Bert from Mary Poppins.  Not Bert as a chimney sweep, but Bert as a one man band.  I went into full-on planning mode.  Here's a lesson I learned the hard way:  when your kid is old enough to form opinions, when it comes to Halloween wait until the week of the holiday to buy the costume.  He has changed his mind so many times and all after he's been made not one, but two one man band costumes.  My father in law and myself have been hard at work trying to piece together this costume.  The one he made is legit:
Not only does this look great, but it actually works.  If I tied that string to M's foot, it would bang the drum and cymbal.  However, when I handed it to M, he said, "I can't carry this all night!".  It's too heavy for him and it kills me because it's amazing.  Mine is less fancy and is pieced together with stapes and glue but at least he can carry it:
But none of that matters because one day he decided he wanted to be a pumpkin instead.  After finding out that they can wear costumes to school (and after finally finishing the one man band costume), I realize he can't wear "one man band" to school.  He can't sit in it, it falls under the "no props" rule, and the noises would drive his teacher crazy.  So I begrudgingly agree to get him a pumpkin costume for school.  One day I take both kids all over town looking for one (why is it so hard to find a pumpkin costume?) which was really fun since A was screaming most of the time.  I finally end up at Target as a last resort and he sees a lion costume.  The exact same lion costume he wore last year that we own and still fits him.  And he says that's what he wants to be.  I mean... 
 So fine.  Lion for school, Bert for all other Halloween activities.  This brings us to the annual Lincoln Square Trick or Treat Stroll.  He was hesitant but when he put on the hat he said, "Now I really feel like Bert!"  And then all was right with the world and the child was happy and he went out and got me himself some candy.  
Ok, not all that happy at that particular moment perhaps.  

A was much easier to please with his costume, a penguin from Mary Poppins (or so I declare).
Hopefully this all comes together on Friday when my sister is in town with her Mary Poppins outfit, which she made herself and is kind of amazing.

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