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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A question I get a lot these days is how school is going for M.  I wish I knew.  The first month, every time I asked him about school all I'd get was "I went potty X number of times and X number of kids cried."  Then there was a week where all I got was the infuriating response, "I remember but I don't know."  Now I'm finally getting some information out of him.  One day he told me that they are learning about safety and that if there's an emergency, he has to call 911.  While true, I'm not exactly sure what phone he's supposed to use.  Do people still have land lines?  Yes, mom and dad, I know you do.  So I guess I know he'll be safe once a year when we are in Houston. 

Another day he told me they learned ways to be safe in the kitchen.  He said that you should always be careful when using knives and that you should never put forks into the toaster.  Wellllll, yes I suppose those things are true.  Maybe better to just not have three year olds use knives?  And perhaps don't put the idea of putting a fork in a toaster to begin with?  But I guess beggars can't be choosers.  At least I'm getting some information.

He also eats lunch at school and apparently he's such a chatterbox that he is not only not eating his own lunch, he's keeping other kids from eating as well.  When I tell him he needs to eat and not goof around during lunch, he says, "But I have so many questions for my friends!".  

All these pics are from his school's new playground.  He loves it and I'll admit it's pretty cool but am I being a total mom by saying that it seems really unsafe?  The entire playground is built on hills so when you come off of any of the structures, you could fall down the hill if you aren't paying attention (learned the hard way).  Whatever, I'm super lame.

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