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Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday 11/7


Underground Dinner for the Hubs birthday
 Our favorite restaurant in the city, Terragusto, closed down a few years ago and we were slightly devastated.  But now they are back in the most fun way.  They do these secret underground dinners.  You sign up and pay in advance and they text you the location the day of (it changes for each dinner).  We show up with our wine (it's byob) and there's a room set up with a big harvest table.  There's also WGN.
They interviewed both of us for a piece they were doing on the "hot trend of underground dining" and we were both like... uhhhh, we don't leave the house much these days but we like pasta.  So I'm sure we'll be overnight stars.  Eight course dinner was scrumptious and included several of our favorites from the original restaurant (truffle bolognese!  brown butter pope's hats!).  Gotta figure out how I'm going to top the hubs' birthday present next year.  

Walking to the park from school he announces, "I love walking in the fall!"  Then he destroyed someone's leaf pile.  Then we ran away.

I'm not kidding when I say A spends 95% of his time just sitting around waiting for M to give him some attention.

He glances in A's direction.


I got shot down when I tried to put on Christmas music, however Revolution Fistmas Ale and Shiner Cheer have made their way into the house which we agree is perfectly acceptable.

So excited to have a full house of friends this weekend!!!  Best part of having this house is being able to host all of the out of towners.  Too bad for them they are all going to the Michigan game this weekend.  Although the upside to Michigan being terrible is that the hubs is going to try and buy cheap seats and take M along with him.  We'll see how that goes.  

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