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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap

Once again, it was a beautiful Halloween.  We were thrilled to experience winds up to 70 mph, rain, hail, sleet, and snow.  Like last year (when it was cold and rainy, but nothing like this year), we had to sit around waiting for the weather to clear up and make a run for it.  This time around M got to the end of the block and decided to call it.  It worked out for the best anyway because his favorite part of Halloween was giving out candy.  Every time the doorbell rang he'd sprint to the door, pass out candy, then discuss with me how our candy stockpile was holding up.  A had to stay home with me as he is now on week five of having a cold and the past few days have been his worst.  Doctor friends: five weeks of having a cold?  Does this seem normal?  Please feel free to internet-diagnose so I don't have to drag him back to the doctor and be told to go home and turn on his humidifier.  So here it is, our rainy, sleety, snowy, windy, haily Halloween...

The props

My sister was in town and she did a crazy good job piecing her costume together at Goodwill and some DIY on her hat and my Votes for Women sash (which, sadly, had to be abandoned... but to be honest I didn't really have much of a costume to go with it since I always assumed I'd be stuck at home with a sick penguin).  So here they are- Mary Poppins, Bert, and the penguin waiter.

 I'm quite happy with how the one man band costume turned out.

Brave souls going out into the cold.  The hubs dusted off his Paul Bunyan costume (but sadly couldn't find his giant boots).

And finally, M's favorite part of Halloween:
A couple notes on this video.  First, when I said, "What do you say?" I'm not trying to make sure the visitors say thank you.  I'm trying to remind the kids to say "Happy Halloween".  Also, that is his neighbor/friend that he begrudgingly shared candy detail with that night.  At this point, all the tantrums over sharing were over and they were taking turns pretty well.

After this round of trick or treaters, he talked the rest of the night about "the ladies who took all his candy".

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