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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My father-in-law used to own a hugely successful ladder supply store, back when businesses in Detroit were booming.  He has since retired but recently got back into the ladder game when he started moonlighting as a ladder salesman at Costco.  Now let me tell you something.  We knew he would do well but he managed to win salesman of the month after only three outings.  Since he's the big man on campus, he now basically tells the Little Giant ladder people where he'll be selling next.  Last weekend brought him to Chicago.  We went out to visit him and when we approached, the man had a crowd around him.  Ladders were flying off the shelves.  We were quite impressed.  But I think the person who was most proud was this little guy...

As he walked up to Grandpa's station, he got the biggest smile on his face.  He does this thing where, when he's really happy and can't wipe the smile off his face, he tries to push his cheeks back in (because "I'm so happy it hurts").  That was happening.  Once he calmed down, he found a front row seat to watch Grandpa in action.

I am not lying when I saw we couldn't tear him away.  He sat there for over an hour just watching.  At one point he thought Grandpa needed his help and walked over and started telling people, "This is a great ladder!  See how tall it is?".  At the end of the weekend, he told his new hero, "Grandpa, why do you live in Michigan when I love you so much?".  Now that I think about it, perhaps Santa should bring him a ladder for Christmas.  Is that a weird children's gift?  

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