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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remember Thanksgiving?

I've been a slacker, but according to this post, it's a holiday tradition.  Nevertheless, here it goes... 

This year Thanksgiving was spent in Houston, rather than our usual Houston/Shreveport/Austin trifecta.  And as much as I missed a lot of our old traditions and seeing extended family, it was soooooo nice to stay put and relax.  Another benefit was that I got to see some old friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  I'm the absolute worst about calling people when I come into town but this time around I lucked out and the party came to my doorstep (well, down the block from my doorstep).  A friend of mine coordinated a park playdate right across the street from my parent's house for all of us in town and our kids.  I have to say, watching my kids (well, the older one at least) play with the children of people I grew up with is a pretty incredible thing.  Most of the people in this picture I have been friends with for about 25 years.

Bonus: this led to a night out, another thing I don't do much of when I'm in H-town.

 Side note: see that beautiful gal in the middle?  Well she's been one of my besties for something like 20 years now and I made a glaring omission in a recent post that was brought to my attention over a few beers at Little Woodrows. In this post I talked about how some of my favorite people came into town one weekend and I failed to mention this fabulous person was there as well on Thursday night.  I have a bad habit of leaving out information when I don't have photos to go along with it.  So there's that.  Not to leave out Liz there on the left, who I have been friends with longer than... actually I'm pretty sure longer than anyone.  I'm lucky to have these two.

Alright, moving on.  M, as usual, loved his time in Houston.  My parents have the house set up like they are running a play cafe.  

So now I'm realizing I don't have pictures from the rest of the house.  Trust when I say it was filled with ramps, slides, games, puzzles... definitely more toys than I ever had there when I was a kid.

He got to visit his favorite spot, a play cafe with an "alligator slide", then he got to wait in line for an hour for bbq at Gatlin's.  Houstonians, am I missing something?  The wait was not worth the end result.  Good bbq, not great.  

That floor trampoline at the end of the video?  That's where I spent most of my time.

An addiction to the game Sorry was procured, trees were decorated, goofiness ensued.

Also?  A new Thanksgiving tradition was created: Roofball.

Don Perignon was poured out (I wish I could pretend like we are too good for it, but rather it was taken from my grandparents basement where it had been improperly stored.  And yes, we had to pour it into the toilet to make it feel more dramatic), pies were made, great bbq was eaten.

And the icing on the cake?  Everyone stayed healthy this go round and the kiddos were perfect on the plane ride home (and thank god for that because I flew home alone with them).

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