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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


We have had a busy month so far preparing for the big guy to shoot down our chimney.  First up, Christmas tree.
We get our tree the old fashioned way: pulling up to Costco, putting our son on a mack truck and letting him climb to the top of the tree pile until he finds the perfect one.

Next up, Santa Train!  We headed to the brown line for our yearly tradition of riding the Santa train.  M loved it, A fell asleep.

After the Santa train, we rode back the other way and got off at the stop in our neighborhood, where the local businesses were hosting a holiday stroll.  Businesses were giving out free cookies and hot chocolate, kids were caroling, and Santa was making the rounds.
(that is the cheek of a sleeping A)

Having a serious discussion about Christmas gifts.

Checking out the neighborhood Christmas tree.  Our neighborhood won some sort of an American Express competition for best "main street" so it was decked out... in AmEx blue and white.

And finally, on Friday M had his winter assembly and his class performed "The Reindeer Pokey".  This was the first time he'd ever done anything in front of a crowd or on a stage.  We were confident he'd be a statue, but he was kinda gettin' down.  I am 100% certain only his grandparents will watch this so here you go Grandma/Grandpa/Nana/Pops:

Hope everyone has a very happy holiday!

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