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Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday: 3/20/15


Today is the first day of Spring.  M was so excited this morning because he thought that meant that it's Spring Break.  He also thinks we can go to the beach now.  My Timehop from a year ago was a similar situation.  It's time to learn about disappointment, kid.

This came in with the caption "There's no more snow, Mommy!  We can throw away my snow pants now!  #probablygoingtosnowtomorrow"

Eric & Courtney, this one's for you.  He was listening to "Uptown Funk" for the umpteenth time and tells me this, "Joey's daddy must live in Brazil because I think he's singing about what a hot day it is (lyrics are actually "hot damn" but we convinced him otherwise) and it's so hot in Brazil so I guess that's why he made this song."  So to clarify, he thinks that our friend Eric wrote and sings that song and that he and his whole family live in Brazil.  Obviously I didn't correct him.

I think that next year we may need to be better at explaining to the kiddo how brackets work.  Unfortunately, Texas will not be playing UNF in the championship game.

We went to Michigan last weekend and the hubs had a date night with our favorite niece.  He said it was less of a school dance and more of a place for 1,000 girls to run around and eat twenty pounds of candy, but it seems like they both had fun at their "Night in Paris".

Have I mentioned my best friend is getting married?  We're heading to Buena Vista, Colorado in a few weeks for the big celebration.  She tells me it's a one horse town but if anyone has any recommendations for the area, hit me up.

Good luck with your brackets this weekend, everyone (I'm not looking at you, anyone in my pool).  But not as much luck as I need with Texas out early.  

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