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Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday: 4/24/15


Although I'm still pretending that I didn't actually miss Meghan's wedding, my sister sent me some pics which brought me right back to reality.  Here's the fam enjoying the fresh mountain air with the beautiful bride.
Nice glasses, Court.

Last night Michael told me the most ridiculous story.  There was a day in his life that he declared that he could eat infinity chicken wings.  He went to a restaurant to do so and ate about sixty of them and then the restaurant ran out of wings.  They brought him an apology hamburger which he also ate.

We found M on the floor of his room the other day- he'd fallen asleep during "quiet time".  A took care of that real fast.
Ugh, I could just eat those chunky thighs.

I could keep that little guy busy all day with the washing machine.  Hopefully he's just as enthusiastic about actually doing the laundry one day.

Every summer at the street fests in Chicago there's inevitably a vendor selling these wood Chicago flags and every time we get this close to buying one but they are always a little more than we want to spend.  So I finally decided to just go garbage picking and find myself a pallet.  Cleaned it, banged it up, painted it, hung it, done.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Belated Easter

Rather than spend a paragraph apologizing for the lateness of this post (because it is a major pet peeve of mine when people feel the need to recap well past the date), I'm just gonna blame the ongoing sicknesses running through our house and get right to it.  So, Easter.  

Like every year, the day before Easter we headed out with friends to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  

And like every year, M got mad every time an egg had a sticker in it instead of candy, we took an okay-ish picture with the Easter bunny, and we acquired a balloon that popped within minutes leading to a major breakdown.  But hey, why mess with tradition?

Later that day M got to egg decorating.  He took it very seriously.

This year he had lots of questions about the Easter bunny.  If the eggs are in the fridge, how does the bunny get them?  Will he take other food with him if he's hungry?  How does he get into our house?  If he just walks in the back door how does he lock it when he leaves?  Does he have a key?  Does he know he's supposed to close the baby gates?  
I'm really looking forward to the Santa inquisition.  

A was much easier.  He woke up, followed the bunny tracks, and was rewarded with a bucket of junk from the dollar store.

To be fair, it's only about 95% junk.  Both kids got a new toy.  M got a stopwatch (while this sounds like punishment to some, this kid is like OCD obsessed with numbers.  i recently learned that our jacuzzi tub has 87 holes in it, we have 37 stairs in our house, and when we read a chapter in his Magic Tree House books he finds it unacceptable if a chapter is seven pages or less.) and A got a suction spinner toy that he has ignored ever since taking it out of his basket.

 Homemade beignets and chickory coffee for breakfast.  Anyone have any tips on how to get these guys to puff up?

This clown... 

It's not the most challenging thing to find Easter eggs when it's still wintery out and none of your plants or grass or bushes have bloomed yet.  We're gonna have to figure something out as he gets older.


...and we ate hard boiled eggs for every meal that week.

It turned out to be a beautiful day so we headed down to the beach/park/lake that's only a few minutes drive from our house that we definitely don't take advantage of enough to try out my new birthday camera.  There's not much content after this so unless you want to sort through a slew of photos, here's where you leave me.

Just hangin' out, being super safe.

Ah, the traditional flopping, dying Easter fish.

My favorite photo of the day.

End of photo dump.