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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday: 4/17/15


SO.  I've been on a break.  First we all got hit with the flu, then I got mastitis (I KNOW), then I missed my best friend's wedding because tornadoes don't care who's getting hitched, and then to wrap things up I got hit with a nasty sinus infection.  You know what you can't do when you are taking antibiotics even though you are devastated you can't go to Colorado to see your best friend get married?  You can't have a drink.  Because antibiotics also don't care about hitchins.  It's been a long couple of weeks.  But just to be clear that I'm still around, here's a quick and dirty five (well, four now).

Easter happened.  I hate doing recaps way late but the familia has been asking for pictures so that'll be coming up next week.  Here are a few pics in the meantime.

When we realized our first "family of four vacation" wasn't happening in Colorado and also prompted by M's complete breakdown over it, we decided to salvage what was left of spring break and head to Wisconsin, which is apparently water park city.  One day I might recap this but again, the whole situation of missing the wedding just has me so down that I'm just not in the mood.  Plus there's some guilt associated with having any fun while the rest of my family was in Colorado (because tornadoes don't bother traveling Texans).  Not to mention I'm not sure how to justify to my friends that I spent an entire weekend at an indoor water park which I've always claimed is one of my biggest fears.  But maybe eventually, once I've come to terms with it.

There was a brief 24 hours in there where I wasn't sick.  I spent it at a local brewery, Half Acre, for a pop-up dinner by Xoco, one of Rick Bayless' restaurants.  Because that's what you do when you have a 24 hour reprieve.

Lately all A wants to do is climb stairs.  I'm quickly running out of ways to keep him off of the stairs.

So that's it.  T-ball starts tonight!  And it's going to be 75 degrees!  And I'm off the antibiotics so a cocktail might finally be imbibed!  (Has "imbibed" ever been paired with an exclamation point?).  Side note: we put M in a short sleeve shirt today.  It's been so long since wearing one that he kept trying to pull down his sleeves because "it feels weird".

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