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Friday, May 29, 2015

Three Numbers


 (year old)


(happy years)


(inches of water in my parent's home in Houston)

It's been a busy, happy, hectic, scary, fun, sick birthday boy kind of a week so a full recap and explanation is forthcoming.  But this is what I've got for now.  Really really looking forward to the weekend and Mayfest and my mom being in town.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday: 5/22/15


People are constantly saying how much our two kiddos look alike.  It's harder for me to see because they look so different to me.  But then sometimes I come across photos like these and the similarities are so striking.  One of these is of M and two are of A.

Any guesses?  Or is it totally obvious?

Speaking of the kiddos, yesterday was haircut day.  A's first (because we are not trying to do a repeat of M's mullet).  When we took M for his first haircut, it did not go well.  So this time around I had a bag overloaded with toys, snacks, and lovie.  I also thought it would help if he sat next to big brother.  Which is why he ended up in the Barbie car.

Not to say that M didn't get to be a little fancy too, with his leopard print smock.

Then A surprised me by going the couldn't care less route.  Although he inexplicably held one arm up the entire time.

 New hair, don't care.
M had his spring assembly.  Enjoy the stellar camera work on this one.

Our spring caterpillars have arrived... and moved straight into my nightmares.  But M loves them and checks on them everyday and looks forward to them turning into butterflies.  But in the meantime... blech.

I finally finally finished reading The Passage.  All 897 pages of it.  With two kids, a busy tv watching schedule and laziness all at play here, it took me four months to get through it.  It's making my 2015 book list look like I just learned how to read.  Has anyone else out there read these books?  Here's the deal.  It's really quite good but it's a trilogy and I don't know if I can power through another two, so I need someone to tell me if it's worth it or not.  If not, I'm gonna need a summary of the next book what with the big old cliffhanger it left me with.  Next I'm on to Fangirl, because I am in desperate need of a light read.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dinner is Coming

Alright people, major nerd alert here.  Last Saturday we went to dinner at Elizabeth for their Game of Thrones dinner series.  Let me back up a bit though.  We've been to dinner at Elizabeth before and it's one of these restaurants where you have to buy a ticket in advance, there's only one seating, and it's a 15+ course small plate dinner.  Each season there's a different theme.  This season she dug deep into the HBO fantasy world that so many of us are obsessed with and not only based the food on the show, but also redecorated the entire restaurant.  House banners, weirwood trees, wolf and dragon heads on the walls, not to mention that all of the tableware and flatware were goblets and ice bowls and stone plates... you get the idea.  

So let's begin with a disclaimer that I did my best to take pictures but they don't allow flash photography so it's not the best quality.  Speaking of not so great photos, the couple across from us offered to take a picture of us before the meal started.  It's a framer for sure.

They later offered to take a picture of us toasting (their idea, not ours... in hindsight we were probably supposed to offer up our services to them as well).  So we had to pose for this awkwardness.  But let's get to those drinks.  Mine was the Mother of Dragons (garnished with "dragon eggs"), his was The Imp... because it's short?

Sitting under the weirwood tree.

GoT bobble heads

So let's get to it.  The table was set with lots of candles which leads us to the first course.  Fire and...
 Strawberries and Sweet Grasses
(served in an ice bowl)
 “Tables and benches had been raised outside the pavilions, piled high with sweetgrass and strawberries and fresh-baked bread.” -A Game of Thrones
This was one of my favorite dishes.  The flavors were so unique that I had (have) trouble describing it (Food Reviewer is obviously not a future job option for me).

Salad with Chopped Nuts
(book 1, post tournament feast, Kings Landing)

Bread and Salt
"The Red Wedding they're calling it. Walder Frey committed sacrilege that day. He shared bread and salt with the Starks. He offered them guest right. The gods will have their vengeance...Frey will burn in the seventh hell for what he did."
(This was another of my favorites)

Snails with Honey, Pistachio, Wild Grasses, and Garlic
(book 1, post tournament feast, Kings Landing)

(yet another favorite dish)

Black Bread, Blood Sausages, and Blackberry Preserves
(referenced in several books, T Wall, Castle Black, Winterfell)
Pickled Fish and Salted Beef
(book 1, The Wall, Castle Black)

Clams and Mussels Cooked Over Wood Fire
(book 4, The Iron Islands)

Busy working in the kitchen
Also, Jamie Lanister on the left?

Beets, Fermented Milk, Heart
(book 1, Essos)

Spring Lamb, Onions, Malt Ale and Lovage
“By the time the telling was done, it was dark outside and Sam was licking his fingers. ‘That was good, but now I’d like a leg of lamb. A whole leg, just for me, sauced with mint and honey and cloves. Did you see any lambs?’” -A Clash of Kings

Milk of Poppy
Milk of the poppy is a medical drink, used as both a painkiller and an anesthetic. Higher doses will induce unconsciousness, so patients can undergo surgery. It is commonly used throughout the Seven Kingdoms for those who have suffered severe injuries. Maesters make it from crushed poppy flowers and it has a white color, hence "milk of the poppy".

Lemon Cakes
Olenna Tyrell: "Shall we have some lemon cakes?"
Sansa Stark: "Lemon cakes are my favorite."

(book 3, Kings Landing)

So there you have it.  Such a fun evening, although a little disappointed that no one dressed up (I'd seen pictures from other nights where people came in full on costumes).  And looky here, a picture with both of our heads included, even though I couldn't be bothered to look at the camera.

The end.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday: 5/15/15


Alright so this is maybe not a stellar example of my parenting, but while we were in Wisconsin Dells, M became obsessed with a video game at our hotel- Deal or No Deal.  

Then I had the brilliant idea to show him that it's actually a tv show that exists.  I quickly realized that I had to convince him that it was only on tv one time ever.

Because I think it's a little obvious how quickly things can turn into obsessions around here.

We took the kiddos for ice cream.  Usually M gets a small scoop but at the DQ he got a full chocolate cone dipped in chocolate.  A loved it.

To say that M loved it is an understatement.  The sugar hit him and he was bouncing off the walls.  I wish I wouldn't have stopped recording when I did because he only got more bonkers after this clip:

We are finally able to start enjoying the warm(ish) weather.  Kite fest, tee-ball,  and rock painting (oh, that's not what you do when the weather warms up?).

Our little buddy, Jack, not enjoying his popsicle at all.

M and his buddy, Brennan, flying our kite.

We almost had an epic meltdown when M and his best bud got put on different teams at tee-ball.  Not only were they not on the same team but "white is NOT my favorite color".  Thank the lord that they then gave everyone a green hat because  "green IS my favorite color so I can play now".  PHEW.


Got M some new shoes.  He didn't wear them out of the house for a few days because he wouldn't let me cut the string that connected them.  He said, "This is how I like to wear shoes now."

Had a great Mother's Day.  The boys spoiled me with homemade cards and gifts, had crab cake benedict for breakfast, ribs for dinner, and cake for dessert, and capped off the day with a little hide and seek, obvs.