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Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday: 5/15/15


Alright so this is maybe not a stellar example of my parenting, but while we were in Wisconsin Dells, M became obsessed with a video game at our hotel- Deal or No Deal.  

Then I had the brilliant idea to show him that it's actually a tv show that exists.  I quickly realized that I had to convince him that it was only on tv one time ever.

Because I think it's a little obvious how quickly things can turn into obsessions around here.

We took the kiddos for ice cream.  Usually M gets a small scoop but at the DQ he got a full chocolate cone dipped in chocolate.  A loved it.

To say that M loved it is an understatement.  The sugar hit him and he was bouncing off the walls.  I wish I wouldn't have stopped recording when I did because he only got more bonkers after this clip:

We are finally able to start enjoying the warm(ish) weather.  Kite fest, tee-ball,  and rock painting (oh, that's not what you do when the weather warms up?).

Our little buddy, Jack, not enjoying his popsicle at all.

M and his buddy, Brennan, flying our kite.

We almost had an epic meltdown when M and his best bud got put on different teams at tee-ball.  Not only were they not on the same team but "white is NOT my favorite color".  Thank the lord that they then gave everyone a green hat because  "green IS my favorite color so I can play now".  PHEW.


Got M some new shoes.  He didn't wear them out of the house for a few days because he wouldn't let me cut the string that connected them.  He said, "This is how I like to wear shoes now."

Had a great Mother's Day.  The boys spoiled me with homemade cards and gifts, had crab cake benedict for breakfast, ribs for dinner, and cake for dessert, and capped off the day with a little hide and seek, obvs.


  1. M sounds like a little character. Love that he got so into Deal or No Deal. My brother in law was actually on the show a few years ago. I bet M would have a field day with that lol

  2. um, yeah, if he understood that real people in real life are allowed to go on the show, it would blow his mind. but wait, more importantly, how did he do??

  3. Aww they spoiled you real well for Mother's Day with that delicious cake, too cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. yeah, he even let me have a few bites of it. :)

  5. Hallelujah for warmer weather, FINALLY! It makes everything better :) So glad you had a nice Mothers Day!