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Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday: 5/22/15


People are constantly saying how much our two kiddos look alike.  It's harder for me to see because they look so different to me.  But then sometimes I come across photos like these and the similarities are so striking.  One of these is of M and two are of A.

Any guesses?  Or is it totally obvious?

Speaking of the kiddos, yesterday was haircut day.  A's first (because we are not trying to do a repeat of M's mullet).  When we took M for his first haircut, it did not go well.  So this time around I had a bag overloaded with toys, snacks, and lovie.  I also thought it would help if he sat next to big brother.  Which is why he ended up in the Barbie car.

Not to say that M didn't get to be a little fancy too, with his leopard print smock.

Then A surprised me by going the couldn't care less route.  Although he inexplicably held one arm up the entire time.

 New hair, don't care.
M had his spring assembly.  Enjoy the stellar camera work on this one.

Our spring caterpillars have arrived... and moved straight into my nightmares.  But M loves them and checks on them everyday and looks forward to them turning into butterflies.  But in the meantime... blech.

I finally finally finished reading The Passage.  All 897 pages of it.  With two kids, a busy tv watching schedule and laziness all at play here, it took me four months to get through it.  It's making my 2015 book list look like I just learned how to read.  Has anyone else out there read these books?  Here's the deal.  It's really quite good but it's a trilogy and I don't know if I can power through another two, so I need someone to tell me if it's worth it or not.  If not, I'm gonna need a summary of the next book what with the big old cliffhanger it left me with.  Next I'm on to Fangirl, because I am in desperate need of a light read.

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  1. I would have no clue that those were two different kids. Are you sure you can tell them apart and didn't upload three of the same kid? lol