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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday: 6/19/15


First and last days of school (click to enlarge):

(He had a sign the first day, but of course he couldn't be bothered to smile in any of those pictures).

In school, he was asked what he is going to do all summer.  He said, "watch tv".  I don't know whether to be embarrassed or just admit it.  He also drew this picture (he never draws so this picture is a big deal for him).  I asked him all excitedly what it was and he said, "it's me sitting on the couch watching tv".  Great.

This is a conversation I had with M the other day...
(I was holding a potato)
M: Is that an Oliver?
me: A what?
M: An Oliver.
me: ummmm no it's a potato.
M: No, I don't mean to call it the boy Oliver, I mean the food Oliver
me: No, this is called a potato.  Anyway, what food would it be called if I mashed this potato up?
M: (thinks real hard) Ummm, an Oliver?

Grandma, Heidi, and her kids are in town for a few days.  Last night we walked up to the concert in the square and then us big kids went on to the rooftop at Gene's for cold beers and colder weather.  Then finally, to Taco in a Bag for dinner.  A friend of mine (who also happens to be a retired professional eater) runs this place and we haven't been disappointed yet.

 The BBQ Beast Taco

My parents house has gone from this...

... to this...
... to this.
Soooo yeah, just about back to normal.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday: 6/12/15


Am I ruining things by saying that I think the warm weather is finally here to stay?  Summertime is the best in Chicago.  We have to go through hell to get here every year but then we're rewarded with perfect summer weather so that we can enjoy festivals every weekend, frequent beach trips, block parties, concerts in the park... we kind of get obsessed with our neighborhood every summer.  Things are just getting started but last week we hit up Mayfest a few blocks away.  There's nothing quite like going broke on crappy carnival games, sausages, and overpriced beers.  In the best way possible.  

(Yes I'm aware that he's wearing a giant winter coat but I'm a Texan and I overdo it.  I had the boys in winter caps last week when it was in the low 60s).

Speaking of our neighborhood, I took M up to the Book Cellar last week to see a "mad scientist" doing some science experiments.  He's really into science lately and this was a huge hit.  

While we were at A's one year appointment, M wanted me to measure him.  I told him he was 42" and he freaked out.  He said, "Do you know what this means??  I can go on the big waterslides now!!"

Tonight is the last game of the exciting tball season.
And only four more days of school for this guy!

We have officially wrapped things up on the nursing front.  Two nights ago I dropped the last feeding he'd been hanging onto, the one right before bed.  I was worried because in his entire year of life, he's only been put to bed by me after nursing so of course I assumed he'd never sleep through the night again.  And of course, he has done great and I'm crazy.  Leading up to this moment I felt worried and anxious and relieved and excited but once it was all said and done I felt only happy.  Well, to be fair I had about 10 minutes of the sads, feeling like he no longer needed me.  But then just happy.  Because now his daddy can bond with him at night as well and put him to bed and because I can now have some evenings with just M- just the two of us which we frankly haven't had in 381 days.  And I can drink coffee all day now if I so choose.  And because of the horrible beginning and perseverance A and I went through to get to this point- two straight months of unbearable pain, three bouts of mastitis, an underweight baby, and months of stress, finally leading us to a (mostly) uneventful ten months of nursing and bonding.  But we made it.  Going this long was not what I intended but it was what he insisted on and I'm so proud that we made it (and extremely proud of him that he finally allowed it to end because that was always in the back of my mind- that I'd be the lady nursing the twelve year old on the train... not sure why on a train but that is how I pictured it to be; just ridiculous and extremely public).  ANYWAY.  It's over.  And at his one year checkup we found out that we finally got him out of the 20% club and into the healthy fiftieth percentile.  Icing on the cake.

Good job, kiddo.  Both of us.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dear Second Child

You turned one.  We didn't have a party.  You had a fever and an ear infection.  You didn't get many presents because we couldn't come up with much that you didn't already have as a hand me down toy from your brother.  You only got one line in a very brief blog post.  

But you tried your first cupcake.  And family from both sides came to shower you with kisses.  And maybe you don't have a single page written in your baby book yet but kiddo, we are so in love with you.

You are our go-with-the-flow baby.  Even when you were sick there was no complaining from you.  You know how to walk but don't feel like committing just yet.  The words are starting to come: dada, ba (ball), ffffffa (fan), tuh tuh (tree)... and just when I'd given up on you ever saying "mama", a few nights ago after nursing, you looked right at me and slowly said, "maaamaaa" and I lost it.  It was like you were waiting for the right time, as the nursing is finally coming to an (emotional) close.  And good lord you can eat.  Nine times out of ten you out-eat your brother.  
(yeah, that would be a whole raw pepper)

There aren't words to describe your love for your big brother.  You watch him, you follow him, you imitate him.  You can't bear to be left out of anything he's doing.  If you wake up from your nap first, you make a beeline for his room and start banging on his door like you can't handle one more second away from him.  Watching you two play together makes my heart explode.

But you.  You are here.  You have made our family complete.  And I'm sorry that watching two kids means that you sometimes eat dirt and chalk and that you probably have more bumps and bruises than your brother did at your age.  But I love you with all my heart.  I can't wait to see what you bring to us in your next year.