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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday: 6/19/15


First and last days of school (click to enlarge):

(He had a sign the first day, but of course he couldn't be bothered to smile in any of those pictures).

In school, he was asked what he is going to do all summer.  He said, "watch tv".  I don't know whether to be embarrassed or just admit it.  He also drew this picture (he never draws so this picture is a big deal for him).  I asked him all excitedly what it was and he said, "it's me sitting on the couch watching tv".  Great.

This is a conversation I had with M the other day...
(I was holding a potato)
M: Is that an Oliver?
me: A what?
M: An Oliver.
me: ummmm no it's a potato.
M: No, I don't mean to call it the boy Oliver, I mean the food Oliver
me: No, this is called a potato.  Anyway, what food would it be called if I mashed this potato up?
M: (thinks real hard) Ummm, an Oliver?

Grandma, Heidi, and her kids are in town for a few days.  Last night we walked up to the concert in the square and then us big kids went on to the rooftop at Gene's for cold beers and colder weather.  Then finally, to Taco in a Bag for dinner.  A friend of mine (who also happens to be a retired professional eater) runs this place and we haven't been disappointed yet.

 The BBQ Beast Taco

My parents house has gone from this...

... to this...
... to this.
Soooo yeah, just about back to normal.

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