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Friday, June 24, 2016

Five on Friday: 6/24/16


I'll start by saying that my classy group of readers sent me more emails about the butt picture than anything else.  I know guys, I love it, too.  And, to answer a specific question, no I didn't frame it.  Although I wish I'd have thought of that.  All I'm left with is a photo because I asked Miles to turn it into something better than butts and give it back to his teacher.  Here's what he came up with: BUTTerflies.

Atticus has picked up this habit where anytime anyone looks out of the ordinary, he points and yells, "Goofy guy!".  This is usually reserved for cartoons or headless mannequins and the like, but the other day the buddhists from a temple nearby were walking by in some sort of ceremonial prayer or something (can anyone help me with this?).  They were clinging some chimes and walking slowly and silently by.   You know where this is going, right?  Our windows were open and Atticus was watching for awhile (which was when I took the picture) but then starts yelling "Goofy guys!  Mama wook!  Goofy guys!".  I closed the window as fast as I could but the total mortification was well taken care of by then.
I'm trying my hand at gardening this year.  Here's our first strawberry!  I think I'll make a pie.

Summer is in full swing which means block parties, street fests, and beer fests galore.

Ending with a PSA for my Chicago friends: Get your kids to the nearest library and sign up for the summer reading program.   They give you an activity book full of games and things to make, a page to mark off everytime they read another 20 minutes, and a serious amount of free books to take home (see photo).  They also have a separate program for 4 years and under.  See?  Even Atticus is excited to participate.

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