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Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday: 7/22/16


For my birthday, the hubs got us tickets to see Bob Schneider at Old Town School of Folk.  This is a guy I used to see at frat parties at Texas, then later playing at bars where my friends and I would have too many Bud Lights and scream our favorite songs at him until he played them.  It's quite a different (grown up) experience to see him now, sitting down, quietly listening.  Sometimes being an adult is A-ok.  

We got front row seats, though we didn't realize how front row it was going to be.  Our table was up against the stage, which honestly was a little much.  Staring up someone's nose isn't quite the experience I'm looking for so from now on, we'll be a little less greedy with our seats.  (Speaking of being less greedy- we were one of thousands of people in Chicago watching that dreaded spinning circle on Ticketmaster trying to get tickets to Hamilton.  We finally gave up trying for big Friday night out plans and tried for a Tuesday... success!  So I guess the moral of the story here is um... be less greedy and you, too, can see Hamilton?)

Whenever we have grandparents in town, we go out and do something really hip and fun and cool.  Just kidding, we play pub trivia.  But let me just say that the husband and wife team of Spoiler Alert are on a roll, folks.  

These knuckleheads.

My sister came in town and while I hope to do a little recap post on it, I gotta throw her visit a bone in case that doesn't ever materialize.

Lastly an endorsement for anyone looking for new games to play with your kids.  Miles has always loved playing games but we're always trying to move to the next level because I can only play Chutes and Ladders so many times.  Also, that game is never ending.  Same with Candyland.  And Uno, since he makes us deal out 15 cards each game.  But we have finally found a game that challenges him as well as us old folks: Ticket to Ride.  You can tailor it to make it harder for the adults but easier on the kids all at the same time.  We are also fans of those Peaceable Kingdom games, which are cooperative games, meaning you all work together and you don't end up with a pissed off child who lost and now needs to play just one more game before bed please please please!


  1. I will definitely have to check out Ticket to Ride for one of our game nights!! Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like you had an amazing week!

    1. it's actually legit fun. as adults you can block each other. for kids, it helps them with math, learning cities, strategy, etc. anyway, let me know if you try it out! thanks!

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