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About Duffy

Who I am
Duffy is not my real name, but the man who would eventually become my husband met me and decided that it was a more fitting name for me than my given name.  Eleven years later I'm still "Duffy" to some, which now includes you.   I'm a Texas girl living in Chicago,  a culinary school grad, retired film crew member, former event planner, and now a stay at home mom.  I also write for a local mom blog,, where I pretend like I'm an expert at this whole mom thing.

I am also an excellent time traveler.*

Who You Are
Friends and family that are a plane ride away trying to keep tabs on me and the fam.  People who don't like me that enjoyed seeing me getting fatter with pregnancy.  Strangers who want to hear all about the amazingness that is the Lifetime Movie Network.

I hope you enjoy yourselves while you're here.  Shoot me an email and let me know what's good here and what's bad.  I can take it.

*Forward only